European Strolls

Venice Munich
Venice, multicoloured aquatint,
50 x 25 cm
Munich, multicoloured aquatint,
50 x 25 cm

 Vienna Zagreb
Vienna, multicoloured aquatint,
50 x 25 cm
Zagreb, multicoloured aquatint,
35 x 15,5 cm

Limited edition prints, 50x70 cm, 1996, from I-XXV, EA. 1-25 - price: 750 $

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J O S E P H   D E P O L O

These aquatints by Antun Mates, who belongs to the top of the contemporary Croatian graphic art, are a thematically closed cycle of Zagreb themes. This outstanding graphic artist did not accidentally choose the graphic discipline of the aquatint, "the most painterlike technique of all" in graphic art, close to the watercolour in which this painter is a superior and unrivalled master. The harmony is obvious, the master is consistent in his hypersensitivity which he never hides by top-level skill and extraordinary virtuosity. This "lesson" about respecting graphic skills is exemplary, in it is the solution to many dilemmas, concerning both the metier and the professional ethics, if there are still people who care about that. This top-level professional "lesson" is visible in these remarkable aquatints, the professional ethics is present in the fact that the graphic art by Mates represents a temptation "in spite of the unherolike time". Sapienti sat!

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